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The 15-year-old Brazilian skateboarder, Rayssa Leal, extended her winning streak at the Street Skateboarding World Championships in Sharjah.

Despite a wrist injury sustained during practice, Leal pulled off an impressive first run in the final, which earned her 83.32 points followed by a kickflip frontside boardslide down the big rail and a kickflip backside lipslide on the gap to rail in the Best Trick event earning her a total score of 255.58 points, which no other competitor could match.

Australian Chloe Covell had two strong runs, but couldn't surpass the Leal in the Best Trick event. Nevertheless, she outdid Olympic champion Momiji Nishiya of Japan, earning her a silver medal. Covell's best run was 86.06 compared to Nishiya's 86.81. Despite this, Covell's tricks were higher, with a score above 83.50, while Nishiya couldn't improve her counting trick of 82.44 in the third round. Covell's overall score was 253.51 compared to Nishiya's 253.30.

In the men’s event, France's Aurélien Giraud finally got a well-deserved big win.

Giraud entered the final as the fifth-place qualifier, and with a solid 84.49 points for his highest-scoring run, the Frenchman was ready to raise the bar in the Best Trick event. Giraud put down a massive hardflip backside 180 over the centerpiece, which earned him 93.93 points from the judges followed by a perfect backside 360 kickflip down the stairs for a total score of 269.33 points, and the win.


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