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Justin Guadagnin



Rio is usually a contest that features aerial surfing, with judging criteria based around sticking and riding out huge moves with the speed, power, and flow required as basic building blocks.


With Filipe gone to reassess his situation in life in terms of bigger, more gnarly waves and Ian Gentil falling foul to The Cut, the playing field is a little different from last year, except for Griff. Everyone expects the kid to do well.


Chopes. The gnarliest contest of the year, venue for the Olympic Games, and host to the 6th Championship Tour event of the year and first event post-cut.

Predictions SLS San Diego


Will Aurelien be able to repeat, or will Nyjah Huston secure his first SLS win since SLS Lake Havasu back in 2021? Let’s dive into our picks and predictions for the second stop on the 2024 SLS Championship Tour.


What comes to mind foremost when thinking about the Margaret River Pro are three things. Firstly, John John's ridiculous, full-power forehand gouges on the biggest rights he can find.


What is it about Bells Beach that keeps the events held there in such awe, and what is it that makes the event so exciting? It is, after all, a gently sloping right-hander with very few hollow sections and not too much drama.

Predictions Portugal Pro


In stark contrast to the North Shore of Oahu, Supertubos is a beach break that may throw a few incredible barrels on good days, but it is often just a good old beachie with some walls, some corners, and some close-outs.


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