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Bobbie Burns is widely regarded as the first “hot-dogger” and the father of freeskiing. Burns known for his loose style became well known throughout the skiing world after appearing in some of the first ski films produced by Dick Barrymore in the late ‘60s. 


The late ‘80s early ‘90s saw skiers like Glenn Plake starting to bridge the gap between skiing’s hot-dogging past and the more fluid styles of today. During the late '90s, skiers like Mike Douglas, JP Auclair, and others being influenced by what was going on in snowboarding at the time, started trying their tricks in what was at the time snowboard-only terrain parks. And after Salomon developed their first twin-tip ski the “1080” in 1998 freeskiing were off to the races.


Freeskiing made its Olympic debut in 2014 and continues to grow.




The possibility to bet on freeskiing is just as with snowboarding limited to major events, such as World Championships, X-Games, and the Olympic Games. With the popularity of freeskiing growing every year, we will hopefully see odds on the yearly World Cup in the near future.



Even though consistently betting favorites can be a profitable strategy in the long term, it will require a sizeable bankroll to capitalize on low odds. So, do your homework, watch the qualification events and keep up to date with the latest news on injuries and current form.  

As in all sports betting, the more you know about a sport, the better your chances are of finding value bets. 



At the moment there are no betting sites offering odds on any upcoming freeski events, but make sure to check back in as we get closer to the 22/23 winter season for updates on potential betting opportunities


If you are new to the world of online sports betting, we recommend that you get ahead of the game and sign up with at least a couple of betting sites now. This will help you to get familiar with different betting sites and learn how to compare odds between them. Why not take advantage of the welcome offers and place some practice bets, but remember to read the Terms & Conditions.


We recommend the following betting sites. They are all licensed and offer odds on a huge variety of sports and leagues.

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